Helios Towers Africa

Fritz Dzeklo - CEO Helios Tower Ghana
Fritz Dzeklo - CEO Helios Tower Ghana

As the first independent tower company in Africa, Helios Towers Africa has been built from the ground up to provide passive infrastructure services in the fastest growing continent in the world. Seven of the world’s ten fastest-growing economies are African.

We have established one of Africa’s most extensive tower networks with more than 4,800 towers over three markets.

So when you partner with Helios Towers Africa, you work with the company that has the longest track record of delivering tower operating excellence in Africa:

  • Successfully signed and closed 4 acquisitions
  • Set up operating companies in 3 countries
  • Integrated and built over 4,800 sites in 4 years

From this foundation of African focus Helios Towers Africa has seen huge demand for its products and services driven by:

  • Offering our customers the most cost-effective solution to their infrastructure needs
  • Reducing the capital required to expand coverage and improve quality of service
  • Strong partnerships with all our customers allowing them to focus on their core business

At the centre of this success is the experience of our senior management team, with expertise in infrastructure, operations, development and management. With over 50 years of combined tower experience and the backing of pre-eminent investors with substantial African and towers experience, Helios Tower Africa has the knowledge and talent to support the success of your network rollout across the continent. Together we are committed to delivering the vision of:

  • Bringing the benefits of infrastructure sharing to Africa
  • Building a sustainable locally focused business
  • And above all doing business in the right way