Airtel Money and Tigo Cash are set to be integrated in Ghana, expanding on an existing joint venture between parent companies Bharti Airtel and Millicom, Modern Ghana reported.

Integration of the two wallet services, set for completion in April, will widen the number of destinations customers can transfer funds to and increase the range of merchants accepting payments.

The service will operate under the new banner AirtelTigo Money – matching the branding of the combined Millicom, Bharti Airtel joint venture in the country.

There are currently an estimated 6 million mobile money customers between the two services, processing a total of 4.5 million transactions per month. The platforms are currently supported by 11 partner banks, a figure the operators to increase to 20. fpn

During Q3 2017, the two companies completed a deal to combine their mobile operations in the country under a 50:50 joint venture branded AirtelTigo. At the time, the companies said the tie-up would provide a strong second player in the market – currently led by MTN.